Smart condition monitoring for smart machines

This results in Smart condition monitoring provides early warning of machine failure

Smart condition monitoring for smart machines.


In recent years, condition monitoring technologies have become more popular as part of preventative maintenance programmes. This means machine maintenance can be based on actual running time rather than the calendar. The advent of smart machines means the newer smart condition monitoring ((SCM) systems take this even further.


SCM provides new possibilities for preventative maintenance. It can identify when a component is reaching the end of its working life and alert the operator. This give the maintenance staff time to arrange a convenient time for a replacement. As a result, the manufacturers using SCM are not surprised by catastrophic failures. They minimise unplanned losses in productivity caused by downtime of a prime asset, and the cost of emergency repair.

Smart condition monitoring goes further. The new generation of ‘smart’ technologies provides the user with predictive maintenance that it can incorporate with its preventative maintenance programmes. This is because key developments in sensor technology enable the continuous monitoring of many more machine parameters cost-effectively. It also applies throughout the machine, from large prime movers right down to smaller systems.

Smart Condition Monitoring

Mitsubishi Electric’s Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) solutions provide an integrated approach to monitoring the condition of individual assets. They provide a holistic approach to monitoring the asset health of the whole plant. By operating continuously, they can be relied upon to give a simple but effective warning prior to significant failure.

The ‘smart’ capability of the system comes from a combination of local, on-machine information, and transferred to the plc from sensors across the plant network. It is then passed to an HMI, PC, or mobile devices for in-depth monitoring, and advanced warnings are provided using the familiar traffic light system


Monitoring more functions

The SCM system monitors functions that aid predictive maintenance. This includes: bearing defect detection, imbalance detection, misalignment, temperature measurement, cavitation detection, phase failure recognition and resonance frequency detection. Linking multiple sensors into the control system enables the controller to analyse patterns of operation that are outside the norm. Alarm conditions alert operators to attend to the machine.


In addition to predicting component failure, SCM also enables companies to see production trends, such as aspects of the line drifting out of tolerance. If unnoticed or left unchecked such trends can cause a stoppage resulting in the need for operator intervention. This results in less costly downtime and the advoidance of catastrophic failures.


Retrofitting smart condition monitoring

Smart condition monitoring is easy to integrate into the plant system architecture. They are simple to install and easily adapted to the machine. The technology is scalable allowing the user to grow the system as appropriate to provide the most comprehensive overview.




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