Omron shows advanced packaging machinery solutions at PPMA


Omron vision-guided robotic loading cell or assortment packer

Omron shows advanced packaging machinery solutions at PPMA.


For manufactures of packaging machines wanting to increase profitability, Omron offers a complete range of answers on display at Stand B34 of the 2017 PPMA Show. Their services and products are designed to increase machine speed, versatility, performance and safety. This includes traceability in the production process and supply chain, incorporating flexible data and production management.


Manufacturers and machine builders face increasing challenges to realise a transparent supply chain and the so-called ‘Smart Factory’. Maintaining higher productivity, and increasing OEE are key to ensuring competitiveness.


Omron Automation’s wide product portfolio is adapted to recipe-driven batch production by offering high-speed, high-resolution multi-loop regulation control, high-speed data processing and storage as well as seamless vision-based quality inspection.


Industry 4.0

These concepts fit well within an Industry 4.0 framework now finding practical implementations in driving new production methods, and the intelligent process optimisation that is enabling higher machine utilisation and production yields.


Speed is the main challenge, but there is also a need for product batch size independence, easy-to-clean and easy-to-operate machines as well as the need to maintain hygiene standards. Omron solutions for primary packaging increase both the speed and the flexibility of primary packaging machines.



The key challenge for secondary packaging is to match the production speeds of the primary packaging and to ensure easy adaptation of linear guides to convey both primary and secondary packages. By providing the latest robotics and vision systems to help create robotic cartoners that pick and load twelve products simultaneously using a pack pattern of either one, two or three layers operating times are reduced.


Robot pick rate of 300 parts per minute

Highlighting on the advantages of robotics, Omron we will be demonstrating, for the first time in the UK, Quattro, the world’s fastest Delta robot. With a pick rate of 300 parts per minute, the Quattro’s unique 4 arm design provides speed and flexibility to enable even the most challenging of pick and place applications. Quattro is the only Delta robot which is USDA certified and constructed with materials that are safe for primary food handling, making it more hygienically-advanced than existing robots on the market.


See Omron Automation at stand PPMA B34

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