Preventive maintenance reduces VSD operating costs and production losses


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Reducing downtime


Preventative maintenance is a cost for manufacturers and tends to be ignored if the benefits are not recognised. To address this, ABB Drives operates a supported preventative maintenance programme for its ACS880 VSDs that is more cost-effective than sourcing spares in an emergency or general repair job.


Installed drives are maintained according to planned schedules, thereby controlling maintenance costs and optimizing lifetime performance. Importantly, it avoids unplanned downtime, lost production, wasted products and unhappy customers.


VSDs have been in regular use for over thirty years, and have proven to be very reliable. In fact, so reliable they are often ignored by maintenance teams. However, the likelihood of failure of their electronic components increases over time.  Aging components are the primary reason, but the operating conditions also play a big part. High ambient temperatures, humidity, dirt, dust and heavy loads all shorten lifetimes and mean more frequent maintenance and component replacements.


The need for preventative maintenance

Drive preventive maintenance consists of annual drive inspections and component replacements following the product-specific maintenance schedule.  Preventive maintenance takes place during planned production shutdowns. These should be planned well in advance and the necessary resources and parts need to be reserved. Parts and materials used in preventive maintenance are bundled into Preventive Maintenance kits which are delivered to a lead-time, unlike normal spare parts.


Preventive Maintenance kits

Preventive Maintenance kits contain all the necessary genuine ABB replacement parts for scheduled maintenance.  The content of each kit is carefully selected to match the maintenance schedule and the size and other characteristics of the drive. Preventive Maintenance kits can be selected and ordered according to the number of drives in use and their age, ensuring that all the required parts are available for maintenance.


Labour and service parts included

The Preventive Maintenance service includes labour, and the Preventive Maintenance kits to perform the work according to the maintenance schedule.


Tests include:

– functional testing of the drive under normal conditions
– basic measurements with supply voltage In addition, the following can be purchased as options: ESD protected cleaning of the drive
– reforming the electrolytic capacitors of the spare modules.
– drive spare part inventory


A detailed service report, including recommendations for future actions, is provided once the maintenance work is completed and the inspection data fully analysed. The parts in a Preventive Maintenance kit cost less than parts sourced individually. Proactive preventive maintenance is therefore more cost-effective than sourcing spares in an emergency or general repair.


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