IMO engineers help update gantry crane using Jaguar VXM drives

IMO precision Controls make variable speed drives for specific end-user applications such as lifts cranes and hoists. They also provide specialist advise to customers looking to adopt these products.  In a recent example, IMO engineers helped a customer, by providing a solution offering improved control over a large, ageing gantry crane used to handle large stone and steel sections.


Site inspection

Following a site inspection, IMO engineers made a full evaluation of the application and recommended a Jaguar drive to control the lifting motor. Following further discussion with the owner, a Jaguar VXM drive was installed quickly and without complications. Subsequent use demonstrated minimum downtime.


The customer commented “The drive has performed faultlessly and the service has been excellent. We are now benefiting from much smoother and precise control on the crane, allowing us to better position large sections of stone and steel with excellent precision, even when we are undertaking tandem lifts.”. The drive also features a UPS powered control option for use in the event of a power failure.


image of ups lift control in the event of power failure


As well as providing the customer with a solution for his crane application, he is additionally enjoying the benefits of energy saving that using a Jaguar inverter can bring. There are an estimated 10 million electric motors running fans and pumps of all sizes.


Payback every year for the life

An 11kW motor running 16hrs/5 days/50 weeks typically costs £4800 a year in electrical energy costs (based on £0.10/kWh and 92% efficiency at full load). Just a 10% speed reduction can reduce energy costs by £1100. This gives a payback period of less than two years against the cost of the VSD installation.


Lift Industry

The IMO Jaguar LFT inverter drive has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the lift industry.  In addition to offering lift applications a significant performance boost, the LFT can be operated by battery power to allow trapped lift passengers to be rescued quickly and easily in the event of mains power failure.


VXF and LFT VSDs also benefit from IMO’s five-year guarantee.


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