VSD’s integrated PLC for condition monitoring and HMI control


Inverter drives (VSDs) with an integrated PLC enable system designers to design out a standalone PLC in a wide range of machine application. This simplifies panel design and wiring, reduces size, and saves cost. In addition to providing local control, the PLC function can also be used for condition monitoring and provide machine data through an HMI.


Configuring condition monitoring

Within Mitsubishi Electric’s FR-A800-E inverter drives, the PLC function acts as the sensor controller for configuring the SmartCheck condition monitoringsensor. Device sensors are added to the equipment to be monitored. For example, to the fixing bolts of rotating machine or components such as motors, shaft bearings, pumps, fans, drums and gearboxes.


Once set up, the SCM provides 24/7 monitoring of the machine, with functions including bearing defect detection, imbalance detection, misalignment detection, lack of lubricant, temperature measurement, cavitation detection, phase failure recognition and resonance frequency detection.



Up to two further SmartCheck sensors can be added and wired over Ethernet to FR-A800-E type inverters as needed, and cabling requirements are minimised through the use of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), so that the vibration sensor can be fully integrated using only a single cable.


FR-A800-E models provides clear text messages displays. Where more detailed feedback and analysis is required the drive can be connected to a Mitsubishi Electric GOT2000 HMI. This will display detailed status information relating to the machine condition, and maintenance proposals, alarms with a time stamp or trend data. Providing early warnings of potential problems allows early maintenance to prevent system failures.


The FR-A800-E series also includes a web server to enable operators to use a standard web browser, and connect remotely using PCs and mobile devices. Remote connection allows operators to adjust individual parameters in line with system requirements. A mobile device app. supports monitoring functions, from simple motor control functions through to managing alarms and operating parameters remotely.


e-Factory Alliance

Increasingly, manufacturers need to respond to global competition, with flexible production and more responsive processes. A key aspect of the digital future of 4IR is the ability to control and optimise processes in real time, and this can only be achieved with intelligent monitoring systems. Together with its e-Factory Alliance partners, Mitsubishi Electric is developing the technologies that will help companies rise to the challenges of Industry 4.0, 4IR, and IIoT.


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