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IMO’s i3Cube offers system builders and OEMs an Intelligent Control Station combining PLC and HMI for small applications, with lower cost, simpler installation and faster configuration. There is a choice: three basic modules with keys and touch screens up to 320 x 240; three built-in I/O options (including none); three communications options including Ethernet.


IMO’s i3 intelligent control stations offer users three ways to simplify their traditional control solution by integrating a programmable controller and HMI into one of three basic modules. By selecting the one that most precisely match their requirements, users will reduce component costs, simplify purchasing, lower overall power consumption, reduce installation time and cost and simplify development.


The range of iCube intelligent control stations use a dedicated real-time operating system (not Windows) configured for dependable business use. It accepts a range of option and accessories to enhance its capability and allow greater flexibility for future developments and expansion. Successfully installed in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, uses include: motor vehicle. Machinery, pump control, building management, waste and water treatment, and food processing.


i3 intelligent control options


The inbuilt I/O of the i3 controllers have up to 40 digital I/O and 4 analogue I/O, plus direct input PT100, thermocouple, mV, voltage and current inputs. Most iCube models are supplied with two serial ports (RS232/485) and a CAN port as standard. The three communication options are:


– Embedded Ethernet (i3C only) with web server, Modbus TCP client, remote programming

– Expansion Ethernet (all models), Modbus TCP Server, remote programming

– GSM Modem (all models) SMS messaging, GPRS data service of GSM dial-up data service


From any single point of connection, i3 Configurator can be used to programme, monitor or debug up to 253 iCubes on the iCAN network. iConfigurator is a high-performance development environment offering simplified IEC-61131 ladder or a full IEC-61131 toolbox for writing and managing projects, configuring networks, SMS, data logging and I/O user screens.


Go here for more information on IMO’s i3 Cube series


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