CC-Link Industrial Ethernet now compatible with 100Mbit Ethernet devices

In a move that simplifies connectivity between Industrial Ethernet and TCP/IP, the CC-Link Partner Association has announced an addition to its CC-Link IE Gigabit Industrial Ethernet. Called CC-Link IE Field Network Basic Mode, it enables device vendors to easily add CC-Link IE compatibility to any product with a 100Mbit Ethernet port.


As more companies move to Industry 4.0 and 4IR, CC-Link IE offers gigabit speeds, providing the high bandwidth required for their data-critical, real-time applications.  However, there are products and lower level applications where 100Mbit device operate effectively. Network Basic Mode is easily implemented on either devices or master controllers by software alone, enabling compatibility to be added to existing products without any hardware modification. It significantly reduces the cost of development and time to market.


Because Basic Mode’s stack is compatible with TCP/IP & UDP/IP, it blends seamlessly with other Ethernet-based technologies (including switches, cables, connectors and wireless systems), and means that implementation on existing 100Mbit Ethernet devices can be achieved purely through software development.  Furthermore, a master controller for the network is also purely software based, so any industrial PC or other Ethernet equipped controller can be rapidly deployed to run a Basic Mode network without the need for any special interface cards, driver development or other additional work.


To simplify implementation of Basic Mode, CLPA is offering sample code free of charge to members of the Association. Moreover, key CLPA partners such as Balluff, CKD, Hilscher, IDEC, Mitsubishi Electric, Molex, Phoenix Contact and Renesas Electronics are now considering product development. To encourage other companies to support this new technology, the CLPA has announced an incentive where companies who develop a CC-Link IE Field Network Basic product can get free product certification from the CLPA until the end of October 2017.


Download a leaflet here

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