mySchneider smartphone app updated for 2017


Image of mySchneider smartphone app for iOS and Android


mySchneider smartphone app updated for 2017.


First launched on 2015, Schneider Electric has updated their free customer care app mySchneider for iOS and Android devices. With Push notifications, users can choose to receive real-time information relevant to their work profile and interests, including technical documentation, latest product news, case resolutions, and more.


Since its introduction, the 24/7 self-service app and one-tap access to live local experts has been widely adopted by Schneider Electric users worldwide. The app’s growing popularity has encouraged Schneider Electric to compiled customer comments and feedback and use them to create new features and functionalities.


Completely customisable tool

Their goal is to give customers a powerful and completely customisable tool that will help them in every aspect of their daily jobs. All the information they need, from technical specifications to availability, is accessible on their smart device.


Along with the newly added features, more upgrades are planned, including easy-to-use video chat and availability in more languages. The mySchneider app is available in 21 languages, with more languages and tailored functionalities regularly added.


Users need to download the app and register to get access to recommended services. The mySchneider app offers productivity-improving tools in three areas: Tailored Services, 24/7 Self-service, and Connect Schneider Electric.


Tailored Services

Tailored services allow users to customize the information and options they use to better fit their specific job needs. Registering as a user in mySchneider app allows access to additional features, such as real-time notifications, order tracking, and product pricing and availability.


24/7 Self-service

Help is always available with 24/7 self-service options, including the ability to search products by name or reference number, receive product information by scanning QR codes, or retrieve technical documents. An auto-complete feature speeds up searches by proactively offering a list of suggestions. Users can learn from more than 1000 courses on a range of topics, find answers through FAQs, and access Green Premium eco-label information.


Connect to Schneider Electric

Users of mySchneider app can request assistance on products and technical information either through a live, one-tap connection to local experts, or by using a convenient “call me back” option. In instances where time is less of a concern, cases or queries can be submitted through an easy in-app form.


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