MX4 Energy offers a software solution to energy monitoring


Mitsubishi Electric's Energy control pack ECP


MX4 Energy offers a software solution to energy monitoring.


Energy management continues to be a challenge, whether for manufacturing, commercial or social facilities, but in order to manage it, you must first monitor it. Produced by Mitsubishi Electric, MX4 Energy is a comprehensive software solution for energy monitoring in commercial and industrial organisational needs in one system.


It provides users with the information to identify and address energy issues by gathering information about the business process and analysing the energy performance against set targets or criteria. Energy data can be sampled using a range of frequencies that suit the intended application.


MX4 Energy monitors consumption.

Knowing what the organisation is consuming at any given time is one of the most effective ways of achieving savings by addressing excessive consumption costs, leakage and waste, and setting realistic targets and benchmarks within the organisation.


The software collates data from site and processes, and presenting it as manageable information to constantly monitor energy usage and identify corrective action, ensuring optimum performance. MX4 Energy accepts information acquired automatically for any utility including electricity, gas, water, oil, coal, propane and steam as well as key data on temperature, production and other consumption variables.


Converting data to information

Date are held in the software’s database where they can be viewed on screen in an easy to manage directory structure or edited directly through the keyboard. Security permissions allow various levels of access e.g. administrative, users and guests, and the audit function records each user’s activity on the database.  It is accessed via a standard web browser.


MX4 Energy contains a wide variety of analysis techniques. The techniques allow browsing of data according to set parameters (per site, per meter or per data channel). The monitoring point is set and the user is able to zoom in to identify and amend activity accordingly. Cost rate files and tariff structures can be linked to any utility channel, enabling graphical or tabular reports produced for cost allocation.



A wide range of reports are available by interactively browsing ‘on the fly’ or by

scheduling specific outputs. Reports can be created via templates, edited by user. Routine reporting tasks assigned to a scheduler ensures that they are run automatically on a regular basis. Reports can be printed out for distribution, forwarded by email and saved in PDF or html format for posting to a web or intranet site.


Download MX4 Energy datasheet from 999 Automation



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