Solar tracking simplified by dedicated PV array controller


Image of IMO Solar Cube


Solar Tracking simplified by new dedicated controller.


IMO Precision Controls has developed a dedicated controller for solar tracking. The Solar Cube controller makes it easy to set up solar tracking and measurement for solar arrays to optimise yield. The device is easily installed in new and existing installations.


One and two axis positioning

The Solar Cube is an off-the-shelf controller designed for use on either one or two axis solar panel installations to track the sun’s movement and provide optimum panel (or array) positioning.


The sun’s position is calculated using the local time and date comparing this with the longitude and latitude location of the solar array. From this data the Solar Cube calculates the ‘zenith angle’ and the ‘azimuth angle’, which together exactly specify the position of the sun in the sky.


To position the array, the Solar Cube uses feedback from an electronic compass device connected via RS232 or RS485 which then activates the solar array’s actuators until the correct position is reached. The compass is mounted directly on the array frame to give accurate positioning information.


GPS or manual positioning

Solar Cube offers the option of GPS positioning or manual inputting of the array’s location, making it easy to setup anywhere in the world. The Solar Cube is a convenient solution for controlling each array or it can be configured to control up to 4 arrays from one controller providing additional savings. Options for feedback and control from a single control station or via a web server are also available.


Data logging

Solar Cube also offers data logging facilities using its own internal Micro SD card. Power output can be logged continually to produce daily, monthly and yearly figures. Revenues can be calculated along with CO2 reduction figures.


IMOPC automation products are available from 999 Automation


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