Altivar 12 high functionality entry-level drives up to 4 kW


Image of Altivar 12 (ATV12) from Schneider Electric Telemechanique


Altivar 12 high functionality entry-level drives up to 4 kW.


Altivar 12 (ATV12) is Schneider Electric’s entry level drive for small three-phase machines requiring variable speed control of synchronous motors up to 4 kW. Of particular interest to machine builders is the option to use the drive with or without the heatsink.   Without the heatsink, this small footprint device also offers a much reduced depth by dissipating heat into the machine frame.


With factory settings that provide a high quality drive straight out of the box, Altivar 12 is available for both single and three phase supplies in the following power configurations:

– 0.18 to 0.75 kW, 120 V single-phase power supply
– 0.18 to 2.2 kW, 240 V single-phase power supply
– 0.18 to 4 kW, 240 V three-phase power supply


Industrial and commercial use

Designed for simple applications, the series has a wide range of industrial uses, including: small conveyors; small labelling or bagging machines; pumping applications, and fans for air or smoke extraction. Altivar 12 also lends itself to simple consumer machines like access barriers, medical beds, running machines, and commercial kitchen appliances like mills, kneading machines, and, mixers, etc.)


Fast integration

The Altivar 12 is easy to integrate and ready for operation out of the box.  It can be individually customised using its front of panel notched wheel, or from the SoMove software workshop. The SoMove file generated can be downloaded to the product even while it is still in its packaging using the Multi-Loader console.


With a design focussed on integration, the Altivar 12 saves time on wiring, programming and commissioning. Advanced functions for increased productivity include integrated PID and multi-speed, and communication with all other machine components are simplified by the integrated universal Modbus serial link.


Save time on wiring

– Easy access to all the wiring and settings on the front panel

– Easy access angles

– Only one screwdriver needed for all connections


Save time on programming

– A navigation button for easy menu access: configure your application parameters in just a few clicks

— A three-level menu structure

– Reference Mode: In local operation (On/Off buttons) and for speed adjustment and display

– Monitoring Mode: For displaying parameters (create your own menu)

– Configuration Mode: For configuring your applications and settings


Save time on commissioning

– The drive can be configured before it is received (by the Distributor), during storage (by the storekeeper) or during fitting before the electrical enclosure is powered up for the first time

– No adjustment is required and there is a quick start guide for immediate setup

– Ease of programming: Work in the language of your choice with the SoMove software workshop.

– Bluetooth option for downloading or accessing settings via PC or mobile phone for greater ease of use


Full functionality

In addition to the functions usually available on this type of drive, the Altivar 12 drive also features the following:

– Switching between local control and control via the terminals

– Motor control profiles: standard, performance and pump/fan

– Frequency skip

– Preset speeds

– PID regulator

– S ramp, U ramp, ramp switching

– Freewheel stop, fast stop

– Jog operation

– Configuring the logic and analogue I/O


Altivar 12 is available from stock now at discounted prices from 999 Inverters


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