Variable speed drives for small HVAC fan and pump motors


Image  of ACS320 drive from ABB

 Variable speed drives for small HVAC fan and pump motors.


Improved semiconductors and manufacturing have also reduced the purchase prices of inverter drives and they are increasingly used with lower power motors for application such as supply and return fans, exhaust fans, fume hoods and booster pumps.


Faster payback periods

The nature of fan and pump applications means they are particular suitable for cost-effective energy saving programmes using variable speed drives.  The larger the drive, the larger the savings available, and generally the faster the payback period.


The ACS320 drive from ABB is specifically designed to meet the variable torque loads demanded by centrifugal fans and pumps. The result is maximum application uptime, reduced maintenance cost and higher energy savings.  Most new equipment is optimised for energy saving, but there are millions of installed drives that could also benefit from compact and simple to install variable speed drives.


Booster pump

A booster pump system is designed to boost supplied water pressure to a predetermined level in commercial buildings. The ACS320 drive features pump and fan control (PFC) for use where several parallel pumps are operated together and the required flow rate is variable.


PID control is available to allow the process to accurately maintain a pressure set-point by adjusting the control outputs, thus allowing for precise control within difficult processes. A sleep & boost function detects slow rotation and runs the pump to boost pressure prior to shut-down. The pressure is continuously monitored and pumping restarts when the pressure falls below the minimum level.


With energy savings of up to 70 percent, the ACS320 can help to attain sustainability targets. The drive’s energy optimizer tunes the drive’s performance to help save even more energy. Built-in energy efficiency calculators monitor the energy used and saved. The savings are shown in kilowatt-hours and in local currency. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions are also shown.


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