MachineStruxure tackles machine builder challenges


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MachineStruxure tackles machine builder challenges


MachineStruxure is a machine automation solution comprising of technology, engineering support, and a wide range of services to tackle the machine builder challenge of remaining competitive.  It was developed for the flexible and scalable automation of machines, using a control philosophy embedded in a standard platform of software and components.


Within MachineStruxure, Schneider Electric has fully integrated both hardware and software products as well as the full scope of its industry knowledge and services covering a wide range of applications, including: packaging, hoisting, HVAC & R, pumping, material working, and material handling.


SoMachine is the single software environment that puts it all together, regardless of whether the machine is driven through logic, HMI, drive, motion, or safety controllers, and at any level of performance.


Hardware components include controllers, drives, HMIs, I/O, and fieldbus interfaces.  In addition, a variety of electrical and electromechanical components provide the framework for complete system solution.  This enables machine builders to use the same peripherals for designs ranging from simple machines to robot-assisted, high-performance demanding systems.


The Next Generation MachineStruxure helps OEMs design machines and systems that reduce time to market, improve design efficiency and simplify the integration and maintenance of your machines whilst increasing profitability for the builder and the user through:


Reduced time-to-market

Building new machines quickly is the key to success. Engineering concepts should be easy to learn and require a minimum of training in order to reduce programming and configuration time. Ready-to-use-architectures, programming templates, and off-the shelf software are the pillars of our high quality solutions.


Increased profitability

Machines need to be both innovative and cost effective to build. To increase profitability, MachineStruxure provides machine builders with automation systems with essential functionalities embedded so that there are no costly interfaces to add and no time-consuming extra functions to integrate.


Integrated efficiency


Modern machines are integrated in production lines as well as in vertical information flow, and efficiency has become a key requirement both in production flow and energy management.  Specific energy-efficiency functions offer measurement and monitoring electrical consumption, whilst MachineStruxure provides integration based on compatible software, controller, motion and safety technologies.




Communication with machines and access to diagnostic data through the Internet and mobile devices has become standard. Standardised interfaces and web protocols simplify remote access to identify and communicate problems and identify spares requirements.


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