Business benefits of MachineStruxure in materials handling


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Business benefits of MachineStruxure in materials handling.


The choice of control solution for machine handling applications is a determining factor in distinguishing machine builders. The NEXT generation of MachineStruxure from Schneider Electric is intuitive automation architecture that uses proven, flexible engineering tools to deliver optimal machine performance from development through to commissioning and maintenance.


MachineStruxure’s intuitive design software and pre-programmed applications and function blocks accelerates machine design to reduce time to market for new machines, and in adapting existing designs to customer specifications.


Materials Handling

Storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, picking and sorting or a full automated warehouse machines must be safer, energy efficient and reliable, whilst delivering at reduced cost and shorter lead-time.


User demand is moving towards highly modular and flexible conveying systems for better control and tracking of goods in response to their changing demands, whilst reducing the time to market and the total cost of equipment.


By closely integrating hardware, software and communications based on the Schneider Electric Application Function Blocks for conveyor solutions, MachineStruxure helps OEMs design material handling applications that are optimised for costs and energy efficiency, and improve performance throughout the service life of the machine. They also offer full connectivity through embedded Ethernet, wireless access, and web servers.



MachineStruxure’s tested, validated, and documented architectures (TVDAs) for conveying systems solutions are claimed to save up to 50 % in operation through a modular engineering approach in mechanics, electronics and software to reduce design complexity.  SoMachine programming software provides a competitive edge by reducing this complexity through standardized, modular programming with proven, documented off-the-shelf application libraries with its graphical programming and automatic code generation in the background.



Improve machine efficiency with innovative automation technology and dedicated conveying, linear motion and robotic kinematics libraries, supplemented by advanced drive and servo technology, in order to increase energy efficiency while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.


MachineStruxure sustained competitive advantage for material handling machine builders through its simplified integration, customised function blocks pre-programmed application software, closely integrated to Schneider’s automation hardware products.


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