New Mitsubishi FR-F800 enhanced functionality drive

New inverter designed for pumps fans and compressors resets performance benchmrk

New Mitsubishi FR-F800 enhanced functionality drive.


Mitsubishi Electric has recently announced a new inverter drive designed for unparalleled energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, and versatility.  The FR-F800 uses a new generation of drive technology.


Designed mainly for HVAC applications involving fans, pumps and compressors up to 630kW, the FR-F800 features many  innovative functions to optimise the settings to meet efficiency and accurate control needs.



In addition to the features cover in our earlier summary, some of the F800’s enhanced function s include PLC control for stand-alone applications, and enhanced energy management


PLC with built-in PID controller

At the heart of the all new FR-F800 is a bespoke PID controller and on-board PLC which provides the drive with true stand-alone capabilities. For instance, it can control fans, pumps and compressors directly rather than requiring an additional controller. Other PID functions include: a pump-stir function, upper and lower limit pre-warnings, pipe burst detection and dry run protection, water hammer prevention and automatic tuning.


To enhance its capabilities, the F800 is fitted with a second PID controller. The drive can be used to control multiple pumps – allowing for variable speed control and the energy efficiency benefits which that brings, to be applied to different units while the others are running effectively Direct On Line (DOL). It can even run pump cleaning cycles automatically, to a schedule, or on demand which should be of great interest to operators of waste water sites where features such as this have historically had a patchy track record of effectiveness.


Instead of relying on single set points for trip activation, an algorithm in the drive can effectively detect the fan or pump torque curve of the attached load and react appropriately when operational limits are approached, which means an end to nuisance trips caused by unusual but not critical load variations.

Far fewer false alarms means more uptime, fewer maintenance trips and faster responses to genuine issues such as jammed pumps, broken impellers, snapped belts, etc. which can now be more accurately detected by the drive.

Energy optimisation

Improving energy efficiency for an already efficient product is all about making small advancements on many fronts and the Mitsubishi F800 has a wide range of dedicated features and functions that create efficient operation. For example, during standby all unnecessary circuits are shut down to reduce energy usage.


Advanced Optimum Excitation Control (AOEC) maximises energy savings even for high torque loads, while intelligent cooling fans only activate when required because a set point temperature has been reached. In addition, the F800 is capable of controlling the external control panel cooling fans based on the control panel temperature; this removes the need for a thermometer within the panel, saving panel costs.


A related feature is that the F800 provides plug-and-play auto tuning for both induction motors and high efficiency permanent magnet motors. For ease of set up, a one touch Digital Dial allows direct access to all important parameters, while connection to graphical operator terminals and HMIs is kept very straightforward.


Alternatively an optional six line LCD display includes an easy start-up wizard function. This display is also able to display customised text messages. HMI auto-detect capability means connection to an HMI is straightforward.


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