New performance benchmark inverter for HVAC and compressors



New inverter designed for pumps fans and compressors resets performance benchmrk


New performance benchmark inverter for HVAC and compressors.


Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new generation of drive technology for its latest pump and fan inverter, the FR-F800, which offers previously unattainable performance in terms of energy saving, optimised speed control, simple start-up, connectivity and the versatility of its features.


Extra energy savings

Mitsubishi Electric UK says the F800 is designed to be used predominantly with pumps and fans but is equally suitable for compressors and HVAC applications. It features many innovative functions that ensure accurate control, while also achieving energy efficiency figures of 98% using functions that shut-down all unnecessary function in standby mode. The drive’s set-point controlled internal cooling fans can also be synchronised with the enclosure cooling fan


There are initially six units in the series, three covering the 200V-240V range from 0.75kW-110kW and three more in the 380V-500V range from 0.75kW-630kW.


Onboard PLC control

The FR-F800’s on-board PLC enables parameters and setting frequency can be changed by the control logic. Inverter control such as inverter operations triggered by input signals, signal output based on inverter operation status, and monitor output can be freely customised based on the machine specifications. The onboard PID controller extends the drive’s stand-alone capabilities, such as direct control of pumps and compressors and water specific functions.


Another advanced feature of the F800 is a motor preheat function, which aids smooth start-up, dispels condensation, and prevents damage due to freezing in outdoor conditions. Its real-time control capabilities can also detect and reduce vibration due to mechanical resonance, protecting other equipment from excessive wear, mechanical damage and premature failure.


At the other end of the scale in the event of an emergency situation a fire override mode will keep extraction fans and water pumps running – even to the point of the F800’s total destruction.


To enhance the reliability of the F800, fault finding is aided by a built-in data logging and tracing function. Intelligent predictive maintenance is achieved through the monitoring of critical components such as power capacitors and cooling fans. A two channel emergency stop provides a safe shutdown which can prevent damage to the drive.


As with all new products launched by Mitsubishi Electric, the F800 has been designed for maximum backwards compatibility with earlier generation drives. Existing E700 installations can be upgraded to a new F800 in a simple unplug and swap-out process.


Full networking options

With network connectivity now of major importance, the F800 has the capability to communicate via CC-Link, Profibus, Ethernet, EtherCat, SSCNETIII, DeviceNet and Lonworks, whilst RS485, Modbus, BacNet etc are fitted as standard. A wide range of I/O connections is complemented by options for input and output reactors, DC link chokes, harmonic filters, regeneration units and braking modules.


The F800 is sold with a 3 year warranty as standard and fully complies with European EMC Directive standards. It meets safety directives, has marine approvals.


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