Mitsubishi MAPS software for end-to end process integration


MAPS  (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite )


Mitsubishi MAPS software suite offers end-to end process integration.


MAPS  (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite) is the Mitsubishi Electric process management software suite designed to improve total cost of ownership (TCO) over the entire life-cycle of an automated plant.


Available from Mitsubishi Electric UK and e-F@ctory partner Adroit Technologies, MAPS is focused around offering an integrated PLC/SCADA programming and management tool that works seamlessly with Mitsubishi GX-IEC Developer/GX Works 2 software and above.


Reduced engineering costs

MAPS overcomes the shortcomings of traditional SCADA by adding value to all stages of the project life-cycle from initial process design, through the engineering phase to commissioning, handover and finally operation of the plant. Systems Integrators save time and deliver high quality projects and reduce engineering costs.


End-users benefit from the integrated document management and reporting as well as the on-going ability to maintain the solution and documents. The result is an integrated life-cycle management solution for the automation industry.


It also extends the integrity of the “as delivered” solution and offers customers the ability to handle the normal extensions and maintenance of any automation solution without using an integrator.



MAPS provides a wizard approach which can automatically generate PLC and SCADA projects, significantly reducing the time spent on development and configuration. It also ensures a standardised and structured design which eases on-going maintenance of the plant throughout its life-cycle.



With MAPS, reports covering areas such as I/O schedules, PLC and SCADA tag configuration can be automatically generated. This automatic report generation ensures that the project on handover also reflects the “as built” up-to-date electrical and instrumentation drawings that are aligned to the SCADA tags and PLC I/O. The reports are database driven, so even through on-going maintenance the reports will always reflect the current status of the electrical and instrumentation configuration.



– Standards approach to projects
– Single point of configuration, deployment and management
– Automatically generated PLC and SCADA projects to reduce engineering effort
– Automatically generated reports
-On-going life cycle management



MAPS also helps to ensure that project documentation is kept up to date. Throughout the design phases and even as systems are upgraded or modified over time, MAPS provides on-going management of the PLC/SCADA and the plant “as built” electrical and instrumentation documentation.



Mitsubishi Electric UK offers a three days training course to gives insight into MAPS SCADA project design and configuration techniques. The practical course covers topics such as plant control, data collection, alarms, trending and reporting.


Delegates need to have previous experience with either Mitsubishi or other manufacturers’ PLC products. An understanding of networking and databases would also be beneficial.


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