Mitsubishi FX5U | Like a compact PLC, but much, much better


Image of Mitsubishi iQ-F FX5U controller

Mitsubishi FX5U | Like a compact PLC, but much, much better.


As the market leading compact PLC, the new Mitsubishi FX5U retains the familiar all-in-one base unit with power supply, CPU and I/Os, but with many more built-in features including Ethernet, high-speed counters, positioning outputs, and SD card slot.


Each base unit with accept special function modules (expansion adapters) and a range of additional I/O to expand capacity up to 256 I/O.  In addition networked I/O can be added to increase this to 512 points.


FX5U is integrated into Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Platform, designed to for higher process efficiency, and to improve productivity, reducing maintenance costs, and improve access to system data.


The new FX5U features a completely redesigned high-speed system bus running 150 times faster than the previous model to offer outstanding performance in all areas, and in particular advanced motion and position control without the need for special software.


In addition to built-in positioning (4-Axis 200 kHz), it offers simple linear interpolation (2-Axis simultaneous start and synchronous control with Simple Motion unit (4-Axis). Programming and development times are reduced by the use of drag-and-drop and module function blocks.


Integrated functions


Built-in analogue

FX5U is supplied with two channel analogue inputs and one channel analogue output (12 bit 0 -10 V DC input/output).  No ladder logic is required when using parameter setting in the programming software.


Built-in RS-485(MODBUS) Communication

FX5U is also supplied with RS485 for systems and data transfer with external equipment and third party devices.  Serial communication allows the FX5U to connect both efficiently and reliably with other PLCs, sensors, printers, and modems. They are also used for multi-drop networks, non-protocol communication, and remote maintenance and other functions.


Built-in SD Card Slot

For updating PLCs in the field, programs are loaded onto SD card and then transferred to as many PLCs as necessary.  SD card can also be used for data logging to provide data analysis and track machine performance.  Unauthorised copies of PLC programmes cannot be made without the correct security key.


Built-in Ethernet port

Built-in Ethernet with support for up to eight channels is also included for simple, efficient data transfer between multiple PLC systems or PLC and PC servers.


High-speed System Bus

The MELSEC iQ-F high speed system bus provides seamless data transfer from/to the CPU. With new architecture that supports data speeds of 1.5 k words per ms (150-times faster than FX3U).  This fast response is guaranteed even when using expansion modules.



MELSEC iQ-F provides advanced security functions (file password, remote password, and security key) for protection against unauthorised access and taking copies of the programme.


This YouTube video actually shows and tells you about the new FX5U


FX5U is coming soon to 999Mitsubishi here


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