Omron RX inverter offers vector control and auto-tuning


Image of Omron RX inverter drive

 Omron RX inverter offers vector control and auto-tuning.


The RX forms part of an advanced series of inverter drives from Omron UK for motors from 0.4 to 132kW.  The RX offers a wide range of high performance features as standard.  It has vector control and auto-tuning functions.


Vector control mode is the default setting allowing higher starting torque than in V/F control.  The RX Series can achieve high starting torque in excess of 200% at 0.3 Hz, and full torque at 0 Hz in closed loop configuration


Auto-tune energy saving

The auto-tuning energy saving mode automatically minimizes the Inverter output power during constant speed operation. It has a large energy-saving effect when used with fans and pumps.


Omron RX inverter offers vector control and auto-tuning


Omron understands that many sites contain variable speed drives from a number of suppliers so in designing the RX Series, in addition to performance, ease of use was prioritised to help reduce the number of overall steps required to get the motor running.  It applies to cabling, setting parameters, commissioning, and on-site maintenance.


Simple positioning

For position control applications where high-speed, high precision positioning is not required, RX handles simple position control applications without the use of servo systems.  This makes it cheaper and simpler to implement.


Position commands, speed commands and accel/decel times are set in parameters to form up to eight step positioning.  Alternatively there is a teaching function that allows positions to be stored in the memory by moving the machine from point to point.  Positioning commands can be selected from absolute values of interrupt feeding.


 PLC functionality

This PLC function allows users to develop stand-alone applications without any external controller, saving cost and panel space. Typical stand-alone applications: Automatic doors, lifting tables, platform lifts, multiple pumps, index tables and grinding machines.


The Programming tool is a function of the intuitive CX-Drive, which is also used for drive configuring and commissioning. An application can be created in either flow chart or text editor formats. Programs can be made with up to 1000 lines of code and with 5 tasks running in parallel.


Suppression of micro-surges

PWM control is used to suppress micro-surge voltages, which sometimes cause malfunctions in 400-V motors.  This control method suppresses the voltage between motor terminals to 1,250 V for a DC voltage of 625 V max. (equivalent to 440-VAC input) inside the Inverter. It ensures safe, reliable use even for general-purpose induction motors that are normally designed with a dielectric strength of 1,800 V.


The following standard models (IP20) are available from

Motor Rating                                                     Model

3-phase 200 V AC

0.4 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A2004
0.75 kW                                                               3G3RX-A2007
1.5 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A2015
2.2 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A2022
3.7 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A2037
5.5 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A2055
7.5 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A2075
11 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A2110
15 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A2150
18.5 kW                                                               3G3RX-A2185
22 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A2220
30 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A2300
37 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A2370
45 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A2450
55 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A2550

3-phase 400 V AC

0.4 kW                                                                 3G3RX-A4004
0.75 kW                                                               3G3RX-A4007
1.5 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A4015
2.2 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A4022
3.7 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A4037
5.5 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A4055
7.5 kW                                                                  3G3RX-A4075
11 kW                                                                    3G3RX-A4110
15 kW                                                                    3G3RX-A4150
18.5 kW                                                                3G3RX-A4185
22 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A4220
30 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A4300
37 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A4370
45 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A4450
55 kW                                                                   3G3RX-A4550
75 kW                                                                   3G3RX-B4750
90 kW                                                                   3G3RX-B4900
110 kW                                                                  3G3RX-B411K
132 kW                                                                 3G3RX-B413K

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