Mitsubishi Electric’s new iQ-FX5U PLC in detail


New Mitsubishi FX5U replaces FX3 Series

Mitsubishi Electric’s new iQ-FX5U PLC in detail


The FX5U gives the FX a performance boost and adds features that set benchmark standards for compact PLCs. It enables users to develop more complex and sophisticated automation systems, as well as higher performance applications, without having to migrate to a larger and more costly PLC family. At the same time, programming through the same GX Works software used for other controllers in the Mitsubishi Electric UK range supports scalability.

Making high performance control affordable

With their compact dimensions and unrivalled cost/performance ratio, the MELSEC iQ-F PLCs offer the means to drive up innovation in numerous machine control applications and automation tasks, giving users the functionality and flexibility to realise new ideas and increase system performance.


Improved connectivity

The FX5U offers simple connection options to a wide range of automation equipment, including Mitsubishi Electric servos and inverters, Cognex vision systems, networks and energy meters, with reduced wiring effort and no additional programming.


Security functions

To protect your intellectual property FX5U comes with several security functions like privilege based program access and program on SD card with copy protection password.


Positioning control

The FX5U includes Mitsubishi Electric´s Simple Motion Unit as an intelligent function module, providing the ability to perform sophisticated motion control for up to 4 axes. Functions include linear interpolation, circular interpolation, positioning control, synchronised control, encoder following and electronic cam.


Advanced synchronous control

Software-based synchronous control can be used as an alternative to mechanical control, such as gear, shaft, transmission and cam. In addition, cam control is even easier with cam auto-generation. Synchronous control can be simply operated (start/stop) for each axis, allowing synchronous and positional control axes within the same program.


More highlights

High speed input & outputs Built in Ethernet
Analogue and PID Backward compatibility
Mark detection Simple troubleshooting








I/O range (input: output)

32 (1:1)

64 (1:1)

80 (1:1)

Maximum I/O range (including network)

256 (512)

Dimensions (WxHxD)




CPU performance


max. 40 ns


100 ns

Memory size


64 K steps

Comment and Source Comment

Comment: 2 MB
Source: 1 MB

Word device

56 K words



Output type

Relay, Transistor

Integrated functions



High speed counter

1-phase counter

200 KHz 6ch
10 KHz 2ch

2-phase counter

100 Kz 3ch
5 KHz 1ch

Pulse output

200 KHz 4 axis (Open collector)
Simple linear interpolation
(Transistor type only)

Memory card interface

SD card

Communication port

Ethernet port, RS485 1ch


Input (resolution)

2ch (12 bit)

Output (resolution)

1ch (12 bit)

Real time clock

retained up to 10 days with capacitor
(Ambient temperature 25°C)

Service power supply (24 V DC)

400 mA

Expansion board slots

1 slot


Communication expandability


Analogue expandability




Introducing the FX5U Compact PLC – The next level of industry on YouTube


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