Mitsubishi FR-A800 inverters offer wide performance duty


New FR-A800 inverter drives boost energy management


Mitsubishi FR-A800 frequency inverters offer super wide-performance duty.


Mitsubishi Electric’s ultramodern FR-A800 drive has been specially designed for use in classic plant and machinery and with its maximum output and performance, increased efficiency and productivity are guaranteed.


With the FR-A800 series of inverters, Mitsubishi Electric UK extended its drive technology with an output range from 750 watts up to 1 megawatt. They provide for the operation of both standard asynchronous motors and IPM/SPM motor technology.


USB host and USB device functions guarantee user-friendly programming and parameterisation as well as data logging functionality. The built-in operation panel and multi-text display allows the easy and intuitive operation of the components.


The FR-A800s real sensorless vector control enables maximum speed and torque quality up to a maximum frequency of 400 Hz. An overload capability of 250 per cent during the start-up phase ensures reliable start-up, especially under difficult operating conditions. Terminal scan times of less than three milliseconds guarantees fast response to input signals, and speed rise times of less than 80 milliseconds ensure maximum performance and improved productivity.


Four duty cycles

FR-A800 offers users overload duty cycles to ensure cost effective application throughout a plant. Rated current and four different overload capacity ratings (SLD rating (super light duty), LD rating (light duty), ND rating (normal duty), HD rating (heavy duty)) can be selected with parameters in the drive. This allows optimal inverter selection for any application.  By selecting an inverter with SLD or LD rating, equipment size and cost are reduced. The HD rating is best suited for applications requiring low speed and high torque.


SLD= Super light duty for 110% 60 s, 120% 3 s at (inverse-time characteristics) at surrounding air temperature 40°C

LD= Light duty for 120% 60 s, 150% 3 s at 50°C

ND= Normal duty for 150% 60 s, 200% 3 s at 50°C

HD= Heavy duty for 200% 60 s, 250% 3 s at 50°C


As an example the FR-A840-00126 is suitable for the following duty cycles at 400V AC


Rated current [A] Rated motor capacity [kW]


12.6A 11.5A 9A 6A 5.5kW 5.5kW 3.7kW 2.2kW



Functional safety up to PLe/SIL3 guarantees operation in situations ranging from simple emergency stops to complex press actuation. The new series of inverters offers a total of eleven network options including CC-Link, SSCNET, Profibus-DP, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, LONworks and Modbus RTU, enabling them to be used worldwide. Full backward compatibility with the FR-A700 series guarantees that components can be replaced easily and safely.


To increase the equipment availability by providing predictive and condition-based maintenance, FR-A800 uses high-quality temperature-resistant capacitors, continuously lubricated encapsulated cooling fans and double-coated control and circuit boards. Integrated maintenance timers indicate component fatigue.


FR-A800 complies with international regulations and standards and is equipped with the latest safety functions and is available from stock at discounted prices from 999 Inverters

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