Smart IMO i3 controller replaces proprietary BMS controller


Image of IMO i3C Integrated Controller


When modern electronic devices fail, the simplest solution is to replace the item with one of the same, or replace a circuit board.  The problem however, is the life cycle of electronic components mean that the makers can no longer guaranteed availability of spare parts.


Following a recent problem a client was forced to seek an alternative to a BMS controller and replace the existing ineffective unit. Rather than select an expensive proprietary controller, the client asked IMO for help. After a site survey, the local  integrator selected an IMO Intelligent Control Station (i3 Cube) as the most practical alternative for this application.


i3 Cube is a robust and reliable control product range that combines a traditional controller, operator interface and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit programmed by a single, free, industry standard IEC61131-3 compliant software package.


The BMS system consists of the following:

– 2 off boilers

– 1 off Air Handling Unit (AHU)

– 1 off hot water system

–  Zone 1 heating

– Zone 2 & 3 heating

– Underfloor heating

– Frost protection


Mounted on the door of the control panel, the iCube (i3) was used to modify settings for all parts of the system and is the main interface for the BMS. The touch-screen functionality allowed system administrators a simple, intuitive, password protected access point to the system for adjustment of parameters, such as temperatures and start times. The password protection provides a 10 minute timeout to prevent the unit from being left logged on.


The iCube controller application software was engineered to interface to the listed equipment, enabling control of all parameters, including set controls, temperatures, alarms, trending and air quality.


Web browser enabled


The Web Browser functionality of the i3 was enabled, thus allowing the user remote access to his BMS system. Using this method, the user can monitor all aspects of control, view and reset alarms, analyse trending and modify all set points.


The iCube range is available with different IO configurations, screen sizes and communication options. Pricing includes software and 3 year warranty from IMO Precision Controls UK.


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