Altivar 71 offers high performance motor speed control and accuracy


Image at Altivar ATV71


The Altivar 71 from Schneider Electric UK is a family of high performance constant torque inverter drives for motor applications requiring torque and speed accuracy at very low speed, high dynamic performance with Flux Vector Control with or without a sensor.


It features reactions times (2ms +/- 0.5ms) and operation speeds up to 1,600Hz and includes a choice of speed or torque regulation, built-in safety functions for emergency stops, over-speed detection, veering and load holding in case of brake failure.


The Altivar 71 (ATV71) can be used with a synchronous or asynchronous motors and manage loads at full torque at zero speed. Embedded technology also allows determination of the initial motor angle without movement or encoder. Optional encoders may also be used to further improve closed-loop performance.


Altivar 71 is available up to 500kW in an IP20 form, or up to 75kW as IP54.  A water cooled version IP20 version -Altivar 71Q is available from 90-500kW.  This makes it the suitable for a wide range of critical  applications such as machine  control, conveying, hoisting, packaging and other industrial uses.


Machine Processes

– Motor control in either torque or speed regulation

– Monitoring and control with integrated or optional communications

–  Dedicated synchronous motor drive and optional encoder cards for increased precision



– External weight measurement for high-speed hoisting

– Built-in hoisting macro for easy commissioning

– Specialised crane card with anti-sway function and 11 additional “controller inside” function blocks to increase productivity


High Inertia Machines

-ENA function designed for unbalanced loads without braking resistor

–  PID regulator

–  Parameter set switching for Material Handling

–  Fast response time of 2ms using dual processing technology

– Ability to control the drive via multiple communication networks

– Gapping applications


Integrated communications and interfaces

ATV71 features  Integrated Modbus and CANopen ports as standard and a wide range of additional communication cards allows it to connect to many available networks.  The onboard programmable control card handles more advanced machine functions, often eliminating the need for a PLC while also reducing response time, cost and cabinet space.  Interface cards for incremental or absolute encoders allow the drive to achieve full torque even at zero speed


Operator interface

The removable programming panel uses a large graphic screen with customizable plain text display with six languages included (English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Italian). A navigation button is included  for easily “surfing” through the menus, and there is simply start menu for quick start-up.  Continuous display of the operating parameters of the motor is available. The removable panel is used for transferring programs between drives, and can be connected to multiple drives at once.


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