Schneider Electric UK Altivar 12 discounted by 999 Inverters


Image of Altivar 12 (ATV12) from Schneider Electric Telemechanique


Altivar 12 (ATV12) is the smallest variable speed drive available from Schneider Electric UK and designed  specifically for compact machinery. The drives cover a range of motor power ratings 0.18 to 5 kW and a combination of single and three-phase voltage ratings from 115V to 240 Volts.


Altivar 12 is easy to install and intuitive to operate, with user-friendly programming and menus based on the principle of Plug & Play. Its compact size, integrated functions and the alternative base plate version make it a reliable, cost-effective solution for manufacturers of compact simple machines (OEMs) and installers.


Designed for ease of use straight from the box, the factory quick start-up configuration removes the need for immediate adjustment, providing an operational inverter drive from the first time the power is powered up.  A multi-loader configuration tool enables OEMs to configure the drive with power off and if required, without taking it out of its packaging.


The ATV12 provides high dynamic performance on acceleration as well as on braking and good speed regulation on machine load surges.  It includes advanced functions (integrated PID, multi-speed), and onboard communications via an integrated universal Modbus serial link

Industrial commercial and consumer applications

The drives are suitable for use in applications involving simple industrial machines or certain consumer machines. Its compact size, high performance and discreet appearance make them particularly suited to applications such as:


-Food industry (ventilation of catering kitchens, bagging machines, bakers’ kneading machines, greenhouses, etc.)

– Small handling applications (car washes, conveyors, labelling machines, small bagging machines etc.)

– Medical and health sector (medical beds, fitness machines)

– Machines with a single-phase supply for wood-working, surface polishing and cleaning machines,

– New markets (solar applications, etc.)

– Pump applications: suction pumps, centrifugal pumps, circulating pumps, etc.

– Fan applications: air or smoke extraction, plastic film making machines, ovens, boilers etc.


Altivar 12 is available from stock at discounted prices at 999

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