IMO Jaguar cub offers Simplified Torque Vector open loop architecture


Image of IMO Jaguar CUB variable speed inverter drive


The IMO Jaguar CUB inverter is widely used by both OEMs and end users due to its providing optimum torque from standard A.C. motors achieved through its Simplified Torque Vector (STV) open loop control architecture.


STV is a simplified version of IMO Jaguar’s renowned torque-vector control system for consistently powerful operation. Using STV technology enables the Jaguar CUB drives to deliver a higher motor starting torque.  Running at 5Hz and employing both advanced magnetic flux estimator and motor slip compensation with auto-boost, starting torque can be as much as 150% or more.


The Jaguar CUB improves voltage control performance and reduces motor instability at low speed delivering best in class performance at 1Hz or less. Even when the motor load fluctuates, the slip compensation function ensures smooth operation.


The drive is available in ratings from 0.4kW through to 2.2kW in single phase / 230V, and 0.4kW to 4kW in 3 phase / 400V. CUBs rated 1.5kW and above can be specified with an integral braking  resistor, while smaller models can be connected to an external bolt-on braking resistor option for stopping higher inertia loads that call for large reserves of regenerative braking power.


CUB includes a wide range of built-in functions, making it suitable for small applications such as fans, conveyors, chemical dosing pumps, chairlifts, lab mixers and food processing equipment. The IP 20 enclosures are suitable for side-by side mounting


IMO Jaguar CUB inverter drives are designed for a ten years trouble free operating life and come with IMO’s five year warranty


Standard Features Include

– Onboard diagnostics

– DC injection braking for fast stopping

– Input and output phase-loss protection

– PID control mode as standard

– Impact load stall prevention

– 7 user-configurable preset speeds

– 3 user-defined skip frequencies

– Optional copy unit / remote operator

– Timer / one-shot operating mode

– Loss-of-load output signal

– Inputs configurable for ON / NOT-ON operation

– Life time / service due alarm output

– RS485 / Modbus RTU communication options


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