Schneider XBT controller keep carwash owners from weeping


Schneider XBT GC HMI controller


Implementing Schneider XBT GC controlling HMIs has reduced weeping: an expensive function for many car washes, weeping involves running water  between washes to keep lines and nozzles from freezing in cold conditions.


Simple  weep systems inject antifreeze into the line after each wash cycle, which may be  unnecessary and costly during higher activity periods. Basic water weeping systems  are also wasteful because they turn on and off based solely on temperature, without  considering activity levels. This unnecessarily contributes to waste and cost, and creates an icy mess in the wash bays.


The challenge

Carwash builder KRK Products in Willoughby, Ohio, saw the need for an intelligent weep controller that could adapt to weather and  activity levels and run only when needed to reduce water and antifreeze usage, lower sewer costs, and avoid excess ice build-up.  Based on their experience they developed their Master Weep Control based around control devices from Schneider Electric.


The solution

KRK Products chose the Magelis™ XBT GC all-in-one HMI and control, which is part of the Schneider Electric™ MachineStruxure™ architecture and SoMachine™ software, a single, modular software suite. As a combined HMI/PLC solution, the Magelis XBT GC costs less and is more compact than two separate components.


With an integrated HMI and PLC, Magelis XBT GC was able to provide all the intelligence necessary in a compact size, which is most important when fitting into an established car wash system. In addition, Magelis XBT GC provides the flexibility to expand functionality by adding I/O, making it customizable to fit a wash owner’s needs. The Master Weep Control is able to handle several bays on a single control.


Reducing waste improves operation efficiency

The Master Weep Control is an intelligent system that considers activity, temperature, and time of day to instantly adjust water flow levels and antifreeze injections. To understand how much water can be wasted, KRK Products monitored six manual wash bays and one automatic wash. By installing the Master Weep Control, operators can save enough on water usage, antifreeze usage, and sewer fees to get a return on investment in a single six-month season.


Running less water in cold conditions prevents excessive ice build-up, which is labour-intensive to clean and creates an unappealing and unsafe environment for customers. To reduce unnecessary service checkups to each wash, an optional modem can be added to the system that alerts operators (via text or central computer system) of problems such as low antifreeze, depleted soap levels, or malfunctioning pumps.


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