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Image of ACS55 drives from 999 Inverters


ACS55 is a simple component drive from ABB UK and designed for a wide range of basic commercial and domestic applications.  They are available for single phase 120 or 240 V input and three phase 240 V output and power ratings from 0.18kW to 2.2kW.


Built in EMC filters ensure a high degree of electromagnetic compatibility to Categoty C2 (1st environment to ensure low RF emissions in all applications and environments.  The ACS55 slim enclosure is a book-end design and enables multiple drives to be mounted in small cabinet space. Widths vary from 45 to 70mm depending on power rating.


Mounting is by screw or DIN rail fixings, and all connections  including supply and motor terminals,  are accessed from the front.  Configuration switches, control potentiometers relay outputs, analogue signals and motor terminals are accessed from the front to simplify programming of the drives.


For control of drives that need more functionality, a PC tool for programming is available.  Called the DriveConfig kit.  The kit enables parameter setting and software updating without the need for a power connection. The drives can even remain in their delivery boxes during configuration which means no need for a safe area.


The DriveConfig kit features online drive control and monitoring of up to four signals simultaneously to save time by ensuring fast setup, accurate parameter settings and reliable operation.  The DriveConfig kit gives users access to an extended range of application parameter values, which can be used to add drive functionality.


ACS55 in use


The ACS55 is suitable for a wide range of applications, which include:

– Automatic Gates

– Conveyors

– Exercise equipment

– Fans and pumps

– Food and beverage machinery

– Printing and packaging machines

– Solar panel tracking

– Whirlpool spas


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