Schneider UK Altivar 71 | from stock at 999 Inverters


Schneider UK Altivar 71 | from stock at 999 Inverters


Supported by one of the UK’s leading stockists, 999 Inverters supplies a wide range Altivar ATV71 inverter drives from stock, and available with same day despatch.  The 999 Inverters website give availability, price, and technical support information such as data sheets and manuals.


The Altivar 71 is Schneider Electric’s high performance A.C. variable speed drive suitable for the most demanding applications and where torque and speed accuracy at very low speed and high dynamic performance with Flux Vector Control with or without sensor are required.


Altivar 71 is available with power ratings from 0.37 to 500kW at 480V.  Protection ratings vary by model from IP20 to IP41, however IP20 is also available to order.  Typical applications where Altivar 71 is used include hoisting; handling; packaging; textile machines; wood-working machines and process machinery.


All models except for ATV71P***N4Z base-plate version are supplied with a remote graphic display terminal  that offers quick and easy to access drop-down menus and complex functions, online help screens, six languages installed as standard (other languages are available via flash memory.


The Altivar 71 drive features a Power Removal safety function that is designed to help ensure motor stopping and help prevent accidental restarts. This safety function means that the drive can be installed as part of the safety system for an Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic control system relating to the safety of a machine or industrial process.


Meets safety standards

It meets the requirements of category 3 of the ISO 1384 machine safety standard, SIL 2 of IEC/EN 61508 and standard IEC/EN 61800-5-2 which covers the functional safety requirements of power drive products. The Power Removal safety function also enables the Altivar 71 drive to offer protection for motors installed in explosive atmospheres (ATEX certification


Other features include:

– integrated Modbus and CANopen protocols

– extended frequency range  of 0 to 599Hz for high-speed motors

– comprehensive monitoring, maintenance and diagnostic features built-in

– parallel connection of motors and special drives using the voltage/frequency ratio

– static speed accuracy and energy saving for open-loop synchronous motors


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