Mitsubishi E Terminal HMI Series becomes iX operator panel


image of IX HMI for extreme operating conditions


Mitsubishi Electric UK’s hugely popular E Terminal HMI series was superseded by the new iX operator panels in 2013 since when the range has continued to expand and develop.  The iX Series offers a modern look and feel and many new features, such as navigation tools like swipe and scroll to improve operator interaction. The ranges features  high-performance CPUs and the LED backlight gives an easy-to-read clear screen with wide viewing angles.


iX Series HMIs brings to life the unique characteristics and functionality of your machine with eye catching hardware and superb graphics.  By including drivers to all the leading PLC manufacturers the iX HMI offers machine builders the opportunity to standardise on one range of operator panels across their entire product range, regardless of the controller used.


The innovation and efficiency required by the machine builders place high demands on the equipment they use. Accessible information and high flexibility are important to set apart your machine from that of the competition.  The powerful iX HMIachieves this using software developed from over thirty years of application and development experience.


From compact to complex applications, users can choose a consistent panel design and easily scale HMI projects between them. The operator panels in three integrated series, each with three screen sizes from 4” to 21” with IP65 fronts.


 TxA The cost-effective solution

The smaller TxA models offer a highly cost-efficient solution with solid HMI functionality for small and medium-sized applications. Display sizes 4.3”, 7” and 10”.


 TxB High performance operator panel

The mid-range TxB models deliver high performance suitable for medium to large HMI applications, requiring handling of more data and utilizing more functionality. Display sizes 7, 12 and 15 inches.


 TxC HMI Industrial PC for demanding applications

The TxC series takes HMI to the industrial PC level, delivering a wide range of connectivity options and high performance for larger projects. The largest 21 inch model supports full HD.


Easy to use, iX software offers scalable vector graphics, an open Windows-based platform, multiple communication drivers and the solid HMI functionality essential for machine builders.  With iX 2.0 users can incorporate new functionality for higher production output and reduced maintenance costs. To meet specialised requirements, C# scripting is available and  .NET components to further extend functionality without slowing down the application.


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