ABB ACS355 general purpose machinery drive | IP20 and IP66


ABB ACS355 general purpose machinery drive | IP20 and IP66


ACS 355 is ABB UK’s range of IP20 general purpose machinery controllers with safe torque-off to SIL3/PL e,  capable parameter set, and an integral eight-step sequencer. A range of high performance IP66 versions is also available to meet food hygiene standards.


Suitable for motors from 0.37 to 22kW the ACS355 is suitable for use by end-users as well as OEMs and machine builders supplying machinery for lifting, food and beverage, material handling, textile, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking applications.


ACS355 includes a 2nd environment filter complying with IEC 61800-3 as standard, and a  wide range of communications option cards ensures compatibility with all popular fieldbusses.  The larger ACS550 is available for motors up to 355kW.


High protection IP66 class drive

The IP66 version is designed for the food and beverage, textile, ceramics, pulp and paper and water and waste water industries, the drives are suitable for screws, mixers, pumps, fans and conveyers especially where the machine is exposed to dust, moisture and cleaning chemicals.


Designed for wall mounting,  the wall mounted drive can be located close to the process and the operator.  The drive features the assistant control panel housed within a plastic window and designed to resist moist and dusty atmospheres.


The assistant control panel features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive programming and commissioning.   The control panel has various assistants and a built-in help function to guide the user. It includes a real time clock, which can be used during fault logging and in controlling the drive, such as start/stop. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading to another drive. A large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate.


The drive’s hygienic design and use of materials meeting current hygiene standards, means that the drive traps no bacteria and can withstand frequent washing. The heat sink’s cooling fins are completely open from top to bottom, which allows easy washing to ensure no dirt adheres to the surfaces. The cooling fan is located inside the drive to eliminating external cooling fan and simplify maintenance.


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