Free 64 page UK Machine Safety Guide download from Schneider Electric


Free 64 Machine Safety Guide for download from Schneider Electric UK


To help with understand the new Machinery Directive, Schneider Electric UK has produced a comprehensive Safe Machinery Guide.  The guide covers the main aspects of making machines safe, taking a holistic view of risk assessment, risk reduction, inherently safe design, safeguarding and functional safety.


As well as the moral obligation to avoid harming anyone, there are laws that require machines to be safe, and sound economic reasons for avoiding accidents. In order for a machine to be made safe, it’s necessary to assess the risks that can result from its use. The Guide explains the process of applying BS EN 14121-1.


Some risks can be avoided by simple measures, but where inherently safe design is not practicable, the next step is safeguarding and the Guide explains the principles behind some of the safeguarding options available from Schneider Electric UK.


Functional Safety

Functional safety standards are intended to encourage designers to focus more on the functions that are necessary to reduce each individual risk and what performance is required for each function, rather than simply relying on particular components.


Applying the two new functional safety standards to the same scenario – providing some insight into the similarities and differences between the standards, which may help designers of safe machinery to decide which standard to use.


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