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Schneider Electric Altivar 212, Telemechanique ATV 212


Schneider Electric has designed the Altivar ATV212 variable speed inverter drives (VSD) to minimise the energy losses during power conversion to accurately control motors and reduced speeds.  This improved design leads to better results for HVAC applications.


Several critical design features enable it provide marked improvement in  operating efficiency over typical AC drives used in pump and fan applications. These include a unique, optimized power section, and the engineering of the motor control algorithm to provide stable operation even if the power line varies within specification.


The power section design optimisation was accomplished by reducing the DC bus capacitance value to approximately 3 – 5 percent of the capacitor value of an equivalent horsepower, typical AC drive. This results in a reduction of total input current draw lowering input current harmonics and input line RMS current values. By eliminating line reactors, swinging chokes, and DC bus chokes, the power section has less resistance, which reduces energy losses and contributes to significant efficiency improvement offered by the Altivar 212 drive.


The engineering of the motor control algorithm and the powerful motor control processor are used to produce a smooth, sinusoidal waveform to the motor. The motor control algorithm and processor are engineered to manage DC bus ripple and produce a smooth, sinusoidal current waveform to the motor making it suitable for powering motors on centrifugal pump and fan applications.


Integrated technology cuts energy bills, improves comfort levels

The technology designed into the Altivar 212 VFD provides equivalent harmonic mitigation without the use of line reactors, swinging chokes, or DC bus chokes. By eliminating these components and the space needed to mount them, the Altivar 212 VFD can reduce the installed cost by 4 – 6 percent in a typical installation.


Another benefit of the technology used in the Altivar 212 drive is the reduction of the input line current when compared to typical AC drives. This technology results in lower RMS input currents by reducing high peak current during the charging cycle. The lower input line current allows wire size and overcurrent protection devices to be smaller, often reducing the total installed cost by 2 – 4 percent compared to typical AC drives.


These features make the Altivar 212 VSD the optimal choice for pump and fan applications used in office buildings, educational campuses, data centres, and other commercial facilities.


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