Omron MX2 drives automate cable winding machines


Omron MX2 inverter controlled cable winder

Loimex cable winding machines use Omron MX2 inverters to make it possible for a single operator to wind cable from the original factory reels placed on reel holder racks or hydraulic jacks to empty reels, and to create coils using an additional winder.


Located in Barcelona, Loimex manufactures auxiliary machines to measure, wind, cut and store electrical cable.  Cylindrical, braided, covered or bare cables up to 100 mm in diameter may be simultaneously measured, rolled and cut to the specifications of each client.


Innovative automated cable system

Using an innovative automation system enable  Loimex’s TR166-HE machine to fill reels from 700 to 1600 mm in diameter, with a maximum reel width of 1150 mm and a maximum weight of 2000 kg. It has been designed to include a measuring device, a programmable counter, an additional winder, wheels and other accessories, all depending on the features the customer wishes the machine to have.


The wood cable reel is mounted inside the machine, between the two shafts and supported by cones. One of the shafts is manually activated and is blocked by a lever-activated ratchet system that is quick and easy to use. The other shaft is hydraulically activated by a keypad located on the machine’s safety device, to permit moving the reel when the shaft is activated.


This machine has been designed for the short setup and changeover times. Reels are raised and lowered by two hydraulic cylinders located on the machine arms, activated by a 1.5 C.V. hydraulic motor pump. This motor pump is used to activate the hydraulic shaft and may also be used to activate a hydraulic cutter and transport wheels, all controlled by push buttons on the control panel. (If the machine is equipped with them.) The drive arm, which bears part of the load and most of the traction stress from the reel, is equipped with ball bearings for improved transmission quality.



The winder is driven by an electric motor and a gearbox to perform the toughest work under optimum conditions. An Omron MX2 frequency inverter that makes it possible to select the ideal speed at all times during operation by means of a potentiometer.



The machine control from an Omron CP1L programmable logic controller, with operator access from an NQ3 touch-screen. The machine automation has been simplified to reduce machine assembly time and the HMI touch-screen replaces most of the push buttons.  Communication between control devices is handles by a MODBUS network.


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