Hoists using Altivar 71 (ATV71) inverter drive from Schneider Electric UK – Part 3


Hoist applications with Altivar 71 (ATV71) inverter drive from Schneider Electric UK


With over 70 years’ expertise, Schneider Electric hoist application control solutions can save up to 30% in handling time whilst enhancing the reliability, safety, performance of your cranes. The Altivar 71 drive controller includes ready-to-use and efficient dedicated hoisting functions (anti-crab, anti-sway, smooth slewing functions).


ATV71 allows preventive maintenance through real time tracking of component usage. Reduce maintenance thanks to an immediate incident register which enables users to quickly diagnose problems, prevent component failure and anticipate the need for possible replacement components.


If manufacturing cranes and hoists for industrial or construction applications is your expertise Schneider’s hoisting solutions help make the most of your installations, throughout the entire life cycle of your machines


Enhance crane reliability, safety, performance

The controller card inside the ATV 71 drive includes ready-to-use dedicated hoisting functions such as anti-crab function to synchronize gantry crane movement; accurate anti-sway function to avoid uncontrolled load movements and speed up handling and slewing control function for smoother rotations.


 Prevent incidents and reduce maintenance

– CANopen communication bus allows preventive maintenance through real time tracking of component usage.
– An immediate incident register enables you to quickly diagnose problems, prevent components failure and anticipate the need for possible replacement components.



– Efficient equipment operation using a more powerful variable-speed drive
– Reduced maintenance thanks to a customisable variable-speed drive display console
– Minimal equipment down time through installation of a back-up drive
– Continuous operation enabling defective drive replacement without the need to stop the installation


 Operating Principle

A bidirectional regulation master-slave assigns which drive must reduce translation motor speed to maintain the parallelism of the undercarriages on the track rails during bridge translation movement, thus preventing crossover of the crane. An intensity control on acceleration and deceleration ramp is performed to reduce the sway of the suspended load.


This function is based on drive controller or logic controller: Altivar 71 + integrated machine control (Altivar IMC) used on the hoisting movement or Modicon M238 logic controller managing the complete crane. It communicates with both Altivar drives using a translation bridge via CANopen field-bus.


Anti-crab function

The ATV 71’s anti-crab function is an automatic realignment system that helps prevent crane skew and crab drift related to cranes with long spans. It maintains the path and the track parallel between the two bogies independent of load position or initial crane assembly.



When the crane is perfectly aligned with the track, both sensors have a similar output value because they are at the same distance. When the crane starts moving, its crosses the track and detects output with different values. With these new values and movement direction, the system determines which drive must be reduced in speed. The speed is reduced until both sensors have the same value and the system recognises the crane path is now parallel to the track.



Some drift incidences can arise from bad sensor mounting, a badly adjusted detector resulting from a collision, if a screw weakens, or due to slippage of one or more wheels.  In these cases, the crane may shift laterally, thus increasing both detector values. When this happens the system generates a skew to move crane to correct alignment.


Benefits for users

-Increase efficiency and crane service life

-Reduce wear and tear on rollers.

-Reduce mechanical vibrations.

-Helps to prevent ample on plates and damaged welding.


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