Application of Altivar 71 (ATV71) inverter drive from Schneider Electric UK – Part 2


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With its different types of motor control and numerous integrated functions, the Altivar 71 range of variable speed drives meets the most stringent requirements. It is suitable for the most demanding drive systems including:

– Torque and speed accuracy at very low speed, high dynamic performance with Flux Vector Control with or without sensor

– Extended frequency range for high-speed motors

– Parallel connection of motors and special drives using the voltage/frequency ratio

– Static speed accuracy and energy saving for open-loop synchronous motors

– Smooth flexibility for unbalanced machines with the ENA (ENergy Adaptation) System.


In conjunction with the wide voltage range for a 690 V line supply, the Altivar 71 drive’s advanced functions boost performance levels and make machines more versatile so they can be used for a large number of applications.


Features for material handling equipment

– Very quick response times on transmission of a command: 2 ms (± 0.5 ms)
– Reference via pulse train or differential analogue input

– Control via the principal communication networks

– Position control via limit switches with time optimization at low speed

– Multiple parameter settings via parameter set switching


Features for Packaging machines

– Up to 50 Hz of the bandwidth

– Very quick response times on change of reference: 2 ms (± 0.5 ms)

– Control via integrated CANopen machine bus

– Position control via limit switches


Features for Textile machines

– High resolution of the digital speed reference (1/32,000)

– Speed accuracy assured by use of synchronous motor, irrespective of load

– High bandwidth

– Spooling function

– Connection to common DC bus

– Control of both asynchronous and synchronous motors supported

– High-performance speed loop


Features for wood-working machines

– Operation up to 1600 Hz

– Fastest possible controlled stop on loss of line supply

– Control via integrated CANopen machine bus

– Protection of motor against over-voltages


Features for processing machinery

– PID regulator

– High-resolution references

– Speed or torque control

– Connection to the principal communication networks

– Separate control section power supply

– Braking unit via re-injection to the line supply

– Connection to common DC bus


Features for hoisting applications

– Brake control adapted for translational, hoisting and slewing movements

– Load measurement using weight sensor

– High-speed hoisting

– Brake feedback management

– Limit switch management

– Slack sling


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