ACS55 micro drives 0.18 kW – 2.2 kW from ABB UK


ABB ACS55-01 Micro drive


ABB ACS55 micro drives are designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of simple machines, providing high levels of control and usability whilst also saving energy. The ACS55 is a simple drive, programmed by switches and potentiometers. Extended programming is possible via a PC if required, as is programming without power. The drives work with single phase power and are suitable for domestic environments.


Installation with fixing screws or using DIN rail mounting make it easy to fit the drives into a variety of cabinet designs. No programming is needed and setting uses an simple descriptive interface.  Access to higher functions can be programmed via the DriveConfig tool if required: this is particularly useful for OEMs.


A potentiometer is available with two switches for start/stop and forward/reverse direction. No external power source is needed for the potentiometer, which connects directly to drive I/O. No control panel is required making it suitable for a wide range of domestic, commercial and light industrial applications


Exercise treadmills

In treadmills the drive controls the speed of the motor powering the running belt. The drive offers high torque and

accurate speed control throughout the treadmill’s speed range providing smooth acceleration and deceleration for the user. Audible noise is reduced through the drive switching at higher frequencies. A built-in 1st environment EMC filter as standard provides low EMC emissions in all environments.


Whirlpool baths

In whirlpool baths the drive controls the pump that generates the pool’s water jets. The user controls the start, stop and power of the jets via a user interface connected to the drive’s I/O. The drive provides silent operation by using a high switching frequency. The drive’s heatsink for cooling enables the drive to be enclosed to a high protection class enclosure.


ACS55 is available with power ratings 200/240 V, 1-phase supply, 3-phase output, 0.18 kW – 2.2 kW and 100/120 V, 1-phase supply, 3-phase output, 0.18 kW – 0.37 kW making them suitable for other applications such as:


– Industrial washing machines and dryers

– Mixers and dishwashers

– Boring machines – exercise treadmills

– Pizza ovens – Car washing machines

– Sliding doors – Electric gates


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