Altivar 12 Compact drives ATV12 from Schneider Electric UK


Image of Altivar 12 (ATV12) from Schneider Electric Telemechanique


The ultra compact Altivar 12 drive for simple machines is the smallest inverter in the Schneider Electric (Telemechanique) variable speed drive range.


The Altivar (ATV12) variable speed drive combines best in class motor performance and an intuitive user interface in a design suitable for consumer and industrial machines. It features an integrated communications port, user-friendly navigation wheel on the faceplate, and an optional multi-loader that streamlines set-up by making programming quick and easy.


Operating straight from the box, the quick-start option requires no adjustment from factory default settings.  Customisation is supported by an intuitive programming navigation mounted located on the front panel.  Category 1 EMC filter and Modbus serial link are both included as standard


The versatility of Altivar 12 enable it to handle applications from simple to complex, across a wide variety of industries.


Simple machines for industry

– Material handling (small conveyors, etc.)
– Packaging (small labelling machines, small bagging machines)
– Pumping applications (suction pumps, centrifugal pumps, circulating pumps, etc.)
– Machines fitted with fans (air or smoke extraction, plastic film making machines, ovens, boilers, etc.)


Simple consumer machines

– Handling (access barriers, rotating advertising hoardings)
– Health (medical beds, running machines)
– Food and drink (mills, kneading machines, mixers, etc.)


Other types of application

– Food and drink (battery farming, greenhouses, etc.)
– Mobile machines and small devices equipped with a power socket
– Applications which traditionally use other solutions (2-speed DC motors, mechanical drives, etc.)


3 Ph Motor 120V 1ph 240V 1ph 415V 3ph
 0.18/0.25  ATV12H018F1 (1)  ATV12H018M2 (1) (2)  ATV12H018M3 (1)
 0.37/0.5  ATV12H037F1  ATV12H037M2 (2)  ATV12H037M3
 0.55/0.75   –  ATV12H055M2 (2)  –
 0.75/1  ATV12H075F1  ATV12H075M2 (2)  ATV12H075M3
 1.5/2  –  ATV12HU15M2 (2)  ATV12H015M3
 2.2/3  –  ATV12HU22M2 (2)  ATV12H022M3
 3/3  –  –  ATV12H030M3
 4/5  –  –  ATV12H040M3


(1) Because of the low heat dissipation, the ATV12H018.. is only supplied on a base plate
(2) Also exists as a multi-pack


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