RX inverter drive from Omron UK


Image of Omron RX inverter drive


The RX is Omron UKs advanced series of inverter drives for motors from 0.4 to 132kW. feature an extensive range of built-in application functions, such as brake control, bypass motor control, orientation stop and automatic energy saving optimisation for fan and pump applications.


The RX offers a wide range of high performance features as standard, and can be further enhanced using option cards.  For example, using the vector control and auto-tuning functions the RX Series can achieve high starting torque in excess of 200% at 0.3 Hz.


The RX inverter drive series have a powerful built-in logic programming functionality. The user can easily build stand-alone applications without any external controller, thereby saving cost and panel space. The Programming tool is a function of the intuitive CX-Drive, which is also used for drive configuring and commissioning. An application can be created in either flow chart or text editor formats. Programs can be made with up to 1000 lines of code and with 5 tasks running in parallel.


The Series can handle simple positioning tasks without the need for an external motion controller; among the facilities offered for positioning applications are homing and position teaching. The drives can be switched instantly between speed and position control, as required.


Simplified operation and commissioning

Many sites contain variable speed drives from a number of suppliers so when designing the RX Series ease of use was prioritised to help reduce the number of overall steps required to get the motor running .  It applies to cabling, setting parameters, commissioning, and on-site maintenance.  Additionally, a simple to read and set 5 line LCD text operator is standard. Ten languages are supported, and a real time clock and calendar are also included.


Fieldbus option

There are numerous Fieldbus options available for the 3G3RX series inverter drive, ensuring it becomes an integral part of the overall machine. EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Profibus, CompoNet and Mechatrolink II are options, whilst Modbus is built-in as standard.


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