Customised iX HMI for packaging machinery

image of iX HMI packaging solution from 999 HMIS


The Mitsubishi iX HMI solution has the option to customise both software and hardware to the requirements of the machine builder. It offers modern control with intuitive HMI for efficiency with style. Whether your machine is a filler, palletiser, bottle labeller, or a packaging line, reliable and efficient operation is paramount the iX HMI solution something to simplify the integration and improve the operator experience.


Projects can easily be taken from local control and integrated in one central control located anywhere on the factory floor or in control room. Data from the production system can be consolidated in one easy-to access supervisory HMI. Machine operators can navigate quickly through screens and menu systems using the intuitive one-touch concept. In addition, all weight values and operating conditions are available on one central display.


Unique and intelligent navigation tools make development and operation more efficient. New ways of sharing information between panels make sure that the operator gets the right information at the right time, creating confidence in your system. With hardware and software developed side by side iX offer a flexible, scalable HMI which you can optimise for each application, using reliable panels with displays from 4” to 21”.


Breakthrough ways to customise an HMI application

With the iX HMI solution you can personalise your application in new ways to create a visual expression in line with the machine – and profile your application to harmonise with the company brand. Even system dialogs are customisable, and you have the option to choose the style you want to give your project that higher dimension.


iX 2.0 offers comprehensive built-in HMI functionality such as recipes, trends, schedulers and audit trails, that enable you to create an efficient and safe operation of your application..


Additionally, you can gain further competitive advantages by implementing .NET components and creating customised functionality through C# scripting. With iX 2.0 you can incorporate new functionality for higher production output and reduced maintenance costs.


– Add specialised functionality using C# scripting and .NET components.
– Customise system dialogues in colours, fonts and touch area size.
– Save your custom colours, build your own screens and re-use as a template.
– Choose between several different trend and chart objects to visualise data.
– Change style on one or all of your objects to get a consistent look with just one click


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