Schneider ClearSCADA offers telemetry solution for UK water and wastewater


Clear SCADA offers integrated solution for water and wastewater


ClearSCADA from Schneider is designed for telemetry applications commonly found in the water industry such as pump up and pump down control, sewage lift station, tank/level measurement and control, and wireless instrumentation monitoring in the UK.


Telemetry and SCADA systems allow you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple reservoir level measurement to site wide optimisation integrated with ERP, these systems are constantly challenged by emerging regulations, rapid technology change and industrial trends.


 Process monitoring and telemetry

Process monitoring and telemetry operations at remote sites are commonly spread across a wide area with equipment being exposed to harsh environments, making access difficult. In comparison to capital costs, the installation, operation and maintenance of these systems is often the most significant overall expense factor in the long term.


ClearSCADA supports IEC60870, the ideal protocols to ensure the integrity of field data, which is logged in the controller during communication interruptions and automatically forwarded to the host upon resumption.


Its real-time database and integrated polling engine means customers do not need to use a separate software package such as an OPC Server or a Master RTU as the data collector to communicate with remote devices. The enterprise software is optimised for low and high bandwidth communication links over public infrastructure, such as mobile networks, and dial-up land lines, and is also suitable for private serial and Ethernet radio networks.


Support for IEC60870

ClearSCADA offers enhanced component integration to maximise system functionality with instruments to monitor tank and reservoir levels with rapid deploy and configure wireless instrumentation.  Using Schneider SCADAPack controllers’ users can achieve remote configuration and application download, synchronised clocks and time-stamped data with IEC60870 protocol support.  Schneider’s Trio data radios can also be uses to achieve direct access to diagnostics for individual polling of key operating parameters, such as temperature, received signal strength and byte count.


Key Solution Benefits

– Regulatory compliance through data integrity and audit trail

– Lower total cost of ownership

– Flexible integration through industry standard


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