iX HMI for World-Class machines and performance


Image if iX HMI application from Mitsubishi Electric UK

When your clients see the impressive iX operator interface from Mitsubishi UK they can visualise the care and attention to detail that has gone into your machine, and gives them an eye into its heart.  For applications from marine to packaging, and buildings to water treatment iX HMIs add value and functionality.


Industrial visualisation is in a state of change. Now, industrial user interfaces take on inspiration from consumer-oriented products like personal computers, mobile phones, Mp3 players, etc. with advanced 3D-style graphics, icon based navigation and controls, resulting in visually impressive user interfaces.


Impressive user interfaces however, have a wider perspective reaching beyond the good looks. They motivate users and operators to interact with the working environment in a positive way, which leads to a more efficient work flow and reduced downtime – both factors which lead to increased profit.


iX operator panel HMI from Mitsubishi Electric UK is the trend-setting HMI solution allowing you to express your ideas with a strong combination of state-of the-art graphics and solid HMI functionality. iX covers the gap between proprietary operator panels and cost intensive SCADA solutions. The iX software is available in developer and runtime packages in several versions.


The software is supported by the next generation of our award-winning operator panels and industrial PCs – the iX Panel and iX Panel Pro which combine high-performance hardware finely tuned for iX with a robust construction.


iX is based on Microsoft’s market leading .Net framework technology guaranteeing you a future-proof tool with continuous updates and service support in the future. The open platform architecture of iX offers a wide range of opportunities to enhance the functionality of HMI applications – create your own functions and sharpen your competitive advantage!


Big benefits for the installer:

– Reduced engineering time leads to fast ROI

-Higher profit through minimised downtime

– Future-proof investment due to long term availability of Microsoft standard technology

– Safe investment with easy project recycling and updating

– Competitive advantage through creating customised functionalities

– Integrate your visual identity for brand distinction

– Supplier independent IPC hardware utilisation


Big benefits for the user:

– Unlimited creative design options by using Microsoft’s WPF .Net framework

– Quick creation of user interfaces with predefined templates

– Efficient project realisation through a variety of help tools

– Easy integration of multimedia

– Customised functionality by using C# scripting

– Simplified project documentation with cross references and tag lists


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