Clear SCADA choice for reliable and secure for business systems


Clear SCADA choice for reliable and secure for business system


Secure control of local and remote automation systems and the reliable delivery of business systems and data can be a challenge communicating over disparate media.   ClearSCADA  from Schneider Electric UK specifically addresses challenges relating to geographically-dispersed assets.


ClearSCADA is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure; scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems.  Historical data is collected by single or redundant servers over dedicated long-distance communication infrastructure and made available to local and remote users via integrated clients or third-party data management applications.


Trusted operation for critical infrastructure

Minimising the effects of equipment failure and reduced system performance on critical SCADA infrastructure is an important component in maintaining overall reliability. The geographic dispersal of redundant infrastructure such as servers and workstations, as well as providing multiple communication paths are two techniques that can be used to ensure business continuity. ClearSCADA contributes to overall system reliability with features such as Built-in support for up to 3, self-managed redundant servers for field communications and polling.


To ensure service during disaster recovery, a stand-by server that can be located at a remote location.  Traffic on WAN link is Report by-Exception which reduces the quantity of messages sent during times of increased network traffic and reduced performance. Client workstations can connect to any/all servers in the redundancy set and automatically switch under server failure, and support for dual LAN and WAN connections between servers


Ensure operations in event of failure

ClearSCADA provides tools to ensure continuous operations and data flow in the event of infrastructure failure. These tools include redundant communication paths, seamless back-filling of buffered RTU data, server redundancy and communication encryption.


System access is monitored and controlled with a multi-user security model, based on individuals, groups and equipment type. Passwords are automatically managed and a built in event log provides a complete audit trail of security activity.

Security down to the object level

Users or user groups are assigned password protected levels of access for specific features, including configuration, operation, alarms and database navigation. Security levels are configured on an individual basis or grouped together to share common configuration parameters.

Object permissions, which include read and write capabilities, alarm and history control, configuration, security and system administration, are automatically carried over when an object is copied or included in a template.


More information on ClearSCADA brochure  from Schneider Electric UK


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