How Mitsubishi iX HMI adds curb appeal for UK machine builders


Image of iX hmi screens from mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi iX Series HMIs brings to life the unique characteristics and functionality of your machine with eye catching hardware and superb graphics.  By including drivers to all the leading PLC manufacturers the iX HMI offers machine builders the opportunity to standardise on one range of operator panels across their entire product range, regardless of the controller used.


The innovation and efficiency required by the machine builders place high demands on the equipment they use. Accessible information and high flexibility are important to set apart your machine from that of the competition.  The powerful iX HMI achieves this using software developed from over thirty years of application and development experience.


Easy to use, iX software offers scalable vector graphics, an open Windows-based platform, multiple communication drivers and the solid HMI functionality essential for machine builders. iX offers universal hardware connectivity and delivers a rich and functional design environment for your applications. Operator panels and industrial PCs feature display sizes ranging from 4” to 21” with IP65 fronts. All are capable of operating in wide temperature range.


The Ix operator panel is designed to change as the application changes, with comprehensive recipe handling, scheduling and trending and has the ability to transfer parameters between projects. An iX application can be scaled to fit any screen size. Panels can be independently updated via USB, SD card or Ethernet, creating a solution that is both convenient and long lasting.


With iX 2.0 you can incorporate new functionality for higher production output and reduced maintenance costs. If you have specialized demands, you can use your own C# scripting and .NET components to further extend functionality without slowing you down you application.


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