Altivar 212 from Schneider Electric UK lowers energy bills, increases comfort, and cuts costs.

Image of Schneider UK Altivar 212 drive

A Schneider Electric UK Altivar 212 HVAC drive solution is uniquely positioned to lower costs and operate more efficiently to provide additional installed cost savings compared to typical AC drives on centrifugal pump and fan applications.


The technology designed into the Altivar 212 provides equivalent harmonic mitigation without the use of line reactors, swinging chokes, or DC bus chokes. By eliminating these components and the space needed to mount them, the Altivar 212 can reduce the installed cost by 4 – 6 percent in a typical installation.


Whilst there are AC drive solutions that provide lower harmonic mitigation and provide longer voltage sag ride-through capability, they also have higher installed costs and don’t operate as efficiently as the ATV212.


Another benefit of the Schneider technology used in the Altivar 212 HVAC drive is the reduction of the input line current when compared to typical AC drives. This technology results in lower RMS input currents by reducing high peak current during the charging cycle. The lower input line current allows wire size and over-current protection devices to be smaller; often reducing the total installed cost by 2 – 4 percent compared to typical AC drives.

Superior operating efficiency

The technology designed into the Altivar 212 VSD also contributes to its superior operating efficiency with improvements in the power factor when compared to typical AC drives. The optimized design of the input section, and reduced DC bus capacitance in the Altivar 212 drive, converts AC power to DC power more efficiently through the speed range, because the current waveform is more in step with the voltage waveform when compared to a typical AC drive design.


The Altivar 212 drive maintains a high power factor through the speed/load range encountered in HVAC centrifugal pump and fan applications. The high power factor means that the Altivar 212 drive is operating more efficiently, minimizing losses, improving electrical load power quality, and contributes to providing a 3 – 5 percent operating efficiency improvement over typical AC drives on centrifugal pump and fan applications.


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