Mitsubishi Electric E1000 HMI offers great looks and performance

Image of E1070 operator terminal


The operator interface you select for your machine is the closest most of your customers get to seeing inside your machine, so it is important that it not only looks the part, but performs too.  Beijer Electronics, in developing the Mitsubishi E1000 operator terminals, ensured ergonomics and ease of use were central to the design.


The E1000 is compatible with existing E series HMI solutions including the wide range of over 100 different drivers for connection to industry leading PLCs, inverters, servo systems, networks and specialist control solutions from a wide range of industry leading manufacturers.


Other key features include:

Recipe Management

One of the most accommodating recipe environments available for any HMI terminal means recipes are easily created and modified directly from the panel without the need of a PC or pre-configuration.

Alarm Management

The embedded alarm management allows easy customization of user defined alarm conditions to logically group, display, prioritize and acknowledge alarm states.


Trending/ Data Sampling/ Data Logging

Data logging and sampling functions are displayed in real-time or historically stored for future viewing. Files stored in the terminal can be accessed remotely with a PC using FTP utilities or saved to memory.


Macro functions

Link more than a single action for any given touch or function key. Linking several actions to a single event enables users to automate machine operations or perform complex machine operation without additional programming.


Password Protection

Support for up to 8 levels of password protection enabling users to setup hierarchies to limit machine access for different users.  OEMs can safeguard proprietary solutions from illegal copying and tampering.


Transparent/Pass-through Modes

Seamlessly communicate to your controller with your PC through the HMI without having to remove or reconfigure any cables. This feature is commonly known as transparent communication. E-Series terminals support both transparent and pass-through communications.


Superior Graphic Display Capabilities

E-Series terminals offer a wide range of presentation elements and formats that enable developers the ability to create clear and understandable design applications with minimal effort.


Multiple Languages (Unicode Support)

Unicode and multi-language support is available for many terminals in the E-Series family. Up to 10 different languages can be loaded into a terminal leaving users the freedom to choose which language to display.


Faster project implementation with E-Designer

E-Designer software is the bench-mark for intuitive, easy to use HMI configuration software. Design, simulate and download your projects for the entire E1000 HMI with just one package.  E-Designer Tutorial


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