Leader of the pack – IMO Jaguar VXG High Performance Drives

high performance inverter drives from IMO Jaguar Series

3?: 0.37-710kW (0.5-950HP)


When you think of a Jaguar, many words will spring to mind.  Powerful, fast, strong, clever and in control would be high in the list adjectives describing this majestic animal.


These are all attributes required for a big cat to survive in a tough dog-eat-dog environment, and with so many predators it needs to be quick and sharp to react in any situation, power and strength to overhaul adversaries, yet smart  and clever to remain in control at all times.


The Jaguar VXG has all these attributes in abundance, keeping it King of the Inverter Jungle.


With ultra-fast CPU its reaction to sudden load changes response time is unsurpassed, and with up to 300% torque on tap the VXG has the power to drive even the most demanding of applications with ease whilst keeping cool and in control with its extensive parameter set and communication options.


The IMO Jaguar VXG is a powerful pedigree built with tireless components reflecting the 5 year warranty and giving you quite simply, peace of mind.


Key Features:


• Integrated EMC Filter (EN61800-3 2004 cat C3)
• RoHS, CE, UL/cUL compliant
• V/F, Torque Vector and closed loop   control
• 200% starting torque between 0.3-5Hz
• Improved open-loop low-speed stability
• Safety input: digital input to enable   disable the IGBT devices of the inverter
output stage
• Mechanical brake control output – torque generated
• PID thermistor input
• Encoder feedback (closed-loop) and   shaft synchronizing options
• Internal brake chopper up to 22kW (30-110kW upon request)


Download the latest VXG data sheet


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