Mitsubishi C-controller wins industry award

The British Food and Beverage Industry has voted a unique Mitsubishi Electric integrated communications solution as the most important technological development of the year.


Unlike a PLC, this advanced controller can be programmed in standard C or C++, opening up the world of automation and control directly to non-PLC based engineers. “C” programming is an ideal language for many process or complex math-based applications since it has a well- defined structured programming concept and flexible syntax.


In addition to its control functions the Q06CCPU C-controller also collects production data and monitoring energy usage, both vital for modern manufacturing operations. Previously this was only achievable using multiple layers of PCs for real time data collection often involved bespoke solutions which were difficult to integrate and maintain.


Mitsubishi’s C-Controllers provide unique plant to business connection options.  They interface directly to business level systems such as SAP, so avoiding shop floor PCs and gateways.  This secure pathway is achieved without the need to create complicated software routines.


Production data is easily monitored and recorded, and higher level production decisions more easily implemented, helping to increase plant visibility and to boost productivity.


The Q06CCPU and Q12DCCPU modules have been meticulously designed to eliminate as many failure-prone elements as possible, including fans and hard drives. Combined with the widely used VXWorks operating system from Wind River, this makes Mitsubishi’s C Controllers powerful CPUs fit for industrial environments.


In addition, programming support for the CoDeSys controller development system is available from 3S-Smart Software Solutions, which provides users with convenient object-oriented environments.  The C-Controller solution provides a direct real-time connection between shop floor production assets to the enterprise level, interfacing to SAP, Oracle, DB2 and other business systems.


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