Mitsubishi inverter drive OEC function offers 10% better energy saving

According to estimates, motors consume 70% of the energy used by European industry.
It is widely recognised that large energy savings can be made by fitting variable speed inverter drives to fan and pump applications particularly where valves or dampers are employed. See earlier article “Simplified guide to energy saving with variable frequency drives”.


According to inverter drive manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric, their unique Optimum Excitation Control function (OEC) offers a further 10% energy saving because it is specifically designed to give the motor the exact amount of flux required throughout its operating cycle. This also means less motor heating and therefore can greatly extend the life of the motor.


Although important, energy saving is only one of the benefits of installing variable speed drives.  Other important benefits include:
– Improved efficiency
– Less Waste

– Reduced noise levels

– Longer filter life

– Less machine downtime due to less mechanical stress
– Excellent machine monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance programmes


All Mitsubishi inverters are on the Government’s Energy Technology List which means that interest free loans are available from the Carbon Trust to help with the purchase of them.


Go to Mitsubishi’s energy saving website


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