Omron 3G3LX inverter drive for lifts


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Omron’s LX Series 3G3LX inverters utilise dedicated lift software functions developed from their extensive experience in the application and selection of inverter drives for lift control.  Designed for more than 5 million starts at 150% output current, the LX can control gearless or geared systems.


The LX offers the high quality standards that you have come to expect, including noiseless operation and efficient motor control. The built-in clock & calendar and programming functionality offer flexibility in your application control.
Advanced, dedicated lift features include: high accuracy static tuning, full lift sequence, anti-rollback function, quick floor function, emergency rescue operation, floor positioning auto-learning function and Drive Programming.  Other features include


– Full lift sequence
– Patented high accuracy static tuning and rotary auto-tuning
– IM and PM motor control
– Dual encoder option (Incremental, EnDat and Hiperface)
– Floor positioning auto-learning function of up to 40 floors
– Lift language (Hz, m/s, rpm…)
– Current vector control with or without PG
– High starting torque (200%/ 0.3 Hz sensorless vector – 200%/ 0 Hz closed loop vector control)
– Safety embedded: IEC 61508 SIL2 STO
– RS485 communication built-in –Modbus RTU–
– CE, cULus, RoHS


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