IMO Jaguar ECO fan and pump controller

Energy saving inverter drive for fans and pumps


IMO developed the Jaguar ECO inverter drive for HVAC markets and specifically for fan and pump applications from 0.75 to 500kW. This enabled them to include special functions such as multi-pump control, and automatic energy and power saving.


In multi-pump mode the inverter can control several pumps at a time by using either floating inverter-driven control or fixed inverter-driven control. In floating control up to three pumps are supplied by the inverter so when the first one reaches the maximum speed it is switched to the mains supply and then the second is started with the inverter. In fixed mode one pump is always supplied by the inverter and up to four others are supplied directly from the mains.

There is an automatic energy-saving function controls the system a low output torque detection function enabling the Jaguar ECO to detect that the transmission belt of a fan is broken.


The ECO’s alarm log stores the last 4 alarms including code of the alarm, output frequency, output voltage, output current, digital inputs and outputs status to the internal memory.  Maintenance data such as: cumulative running time of the inverter fan; cumulative running of the inverter, and the actual capacity of the main DC link capacitors are also stored to help with preventive maintenance programmes.


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